Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Power Rankings

The season is off and running and so is the 1st set of pre-season rankings. There have been some interesting things going on in the Banks world but nothing better than the impressive offensive display by Kansas City OF and back to back MVP Mateo James. His 15 hrs and .433 avg through 25 games are putting him on track for his 3rd straight MVP season. The two hottest teams in the world come from the NL East. Both Indianapolis and Kansas City are 18-7 and have impressive winning streaks.

1) Kansas City LOGGERS- Owner: llcc
Record- 18-7

Led by Mateo James, the LOGGERS take the 1st spot. They get the advantage over Indy because of experience and their offensive fire power.

2) Indianapolis Hoosiers- Owner: Xubrad
Record- 18-7

One of the biggest surprises of the season, the Hoosiers are the hottest team in baseball going 17-2 over their last 19 games. Xubrad is still hoping that his young team can maintain a solid pace into the summer. He just hope that they haven't peaked too early.

3) Detroit Diesels- Owner: Speekeasy8
Record- 18-7

Detroit is off to a hot start as well and there isn't much difference between the top 3 in this poll. Right now Detroit is hitting the cover off the ball as well as getting hitters out. Come next rankings, they could very well be #1.

4) Tacoma settlers- Owner: bowen_brian
Record- 17-8

Tacoma started off hot but has cooled slightly. As the best team in the AL, brian hopes to lead his team to the first WS appearance.

5) Cleveland Bootleggers- Owner: Meteu40
Record- 17-8

A few days ago Cleveland would have been in the top two but a series loss to Indy as of late has knocked the Bootleggers down a couple spots.

6) Austin Argonauts- Owner: allright
Record- 16-9

Austin has proven it can score runs but can they stop them? They are going to face some stiff competition in the AL South but it looks like that whole league has problems pitching.

7) Baltimore Orioles- Owner: jeanpaul22
Record- 16-9

The Orioles are looking to take full control of the AL East. They seem to be the only team that can hit and pitch in their division so look for this team to be around come end of the season.

8) Louisville Red Birds- Owner: bjc30
Record- 15-10

Louisville is one of the hotter teams in the league with an 8-2 record in the last 10 games. Offensively the team is lead by 25 yr old slugger Footsie Wilkinson.

9) Los Angeles Earthquakes- Owner: scottso14
Record- 14-11

L.A. leads a weak AL West and should be able to manage the Quakes to the playoffs. In his 1st season, Scottso14 should repeat as division champ.

10) Wichita Hilltoppers- Owner: Oakout
Record- 14-11

You can't leave the Hilltoppers off any rankings list. Oakout hasn't missed the playoffs yet and is going to be in contention all season long. His only problem seems to be the top 2 teams in this ranking.

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