Sunday, September 19, 2010

World Rules

Here is the first draft of the rules of Banks World. They will need to be agreed upon during season 18 and possible grandfather exceptions can be discussed.

Anti Tanking Rules

1. More than 200 losses over a two year period and the owner will be asked to state their case as to why they should be allowed to stay. If allowed to stay the owner must reach 70 wins or be replaced.

2. Extended losing streaks or trends at the end of the season will be reviewed above and beyond the 200-win requirement. Teams are expected to maintain a level of competitiveness throughout the entire season. It is not acceptable to intentionally lose towards the end of the season to secure a higher draft slot.

Gameplay Rules

3. Owners must keep their minor league teams intact. This means keeping the pitching staffs above 0(0), there are plenty of players to sign off of the tryout squad to ensure that players are performing against game shape competition.

4. You must protect your players for the 40 man roster. There is no reason to leave a ML All Star quality prospect unprotected, it affects the competitive balance of the world.

5. If a team signs a "Type A" or "Type B" player than that player can't be traded until after the amateur draft prospects become availible.

Other Rules

6. Trade chats and proposals must have a response (chat or counter proposal) within 48 hours. Please send me a private trade chat if this rule is not being observed.

7. Cities/Stadiums are not to be moved once you are in the world.

8. The world chat is to be used for discussion and debate, however you must keep it civil. Personal attacks will not be acceptable.

9. I reserve the right to add to these rules. Usually I'll put a matter up for a vote and we'll see what everyone thinks.

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