Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Minimum Win Requirement

Banks World,
We are proposing to enforce the Minimum Win Requirement rule for this season, as outlined in the Private World Rules section :

Since we had to go public to fill, there will be a slight modification for the 55 win rule in the first season: a review committee will be established to look at any team that fails to win 55 games. If it's determined that the owner(s) made a good faith effort to meet the MWR, then they'll be allowed to stay. If it's determined that the owner(s) had the means to win 55, but failed to do so they will be asked to leave.

Please post comments below for thoughts on this post, see the poll on the right hand side of the page to vote yay/nay for this.


1 comment:

  1. I voted Nay, but because I don't think we should alter the way we enforce the MWR.

    We voted for this rule last season, and while we ditched the world theme, it had nothing directtly to do with the MWR as approved and instituted last season. We are the same as any other private world with a MWR, that is.

    I don't agree that going public should alter our expectations of the owners efforts. We have varying levels of HBD experience in the world, just as we did last season when fully private.

    I think we should continue as we would have, with this being season 2 of the MWR. All of us must win at least 55 games or risk removal. Those of us who are returning from last season must win at least a combined 115 games or risk removal. The 3 year total will begin being enforced next season.

    I am fine with the secondary suggestion that we use a review group for those facing removal.

    I guess my bottom line is that we could have similar discussions about alterations of a MWR almost every season. I want a strong rule that is in place to do what it is supposed to do every season.