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Season Preview of the Indianapolis Hossiers

Indianapolis Hoosiers (NL)
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Season 12 will mark the second season under new GM xubrad. This young team is coming of a rebuilding year where the majority of this years team played together in AAA. With few holdovers, this team will have one of the smallest budgets in the Majors. One of the ways xubrad was able to do this was with zero free agent signings. The majority of this team came from trades and recent drafts. This team looks to be one of the most exciting teams in the majors with its brighter years about 2 or 3 years out.

1B- Tommie Shipley-(26 yrs. old) Tommy will return this year as the starting 1B. Tommy is a .310 hitter with around 30hrs and 85 rbi's. He will look to lead the offense once more as one of the more consistent hitters on the team.

2B- Clay Webb- (25 yrs. old) Clay will be one of the premier 2B in the league. Through 3 years in the league, he had averaged .327 with 20hrs. and 85 rbi's. This year the team will look for him to step up into the elite category of players in the league.

SS- Butch Allen- (22yrs. old) Butch will look to captain the infield in his first season in the majors. He should be a mainstay on future Hossier teams for years to come. Look for Butch to be one of the finalists for NL ROY.

3B- Charles Martin- (28 yrs. old) Charles is considered the senior citizen of the position players at 28 yrs old. He is a solid mainstay of the organization at the hot corner. His career avg. of .289 with 20 hrs and 70 rbi's should fit in well with the organization.

LF- Arthur Boudreau- (24 yrs. old) Arthur was one of the late additions to the team last year. He should look to start at LF but could see some time at 1B and 2B because of his flexibility. He is entering his 3rd season. So far he has averaged .290 with 15hrs. and 50 rbi's. The Hoosiers look for Arthur to step up his production this season.

CF- Bruce Carter- (22 yrs. old) Bruce will look to lead the OF in his 1st season in the majors. Bruce will be counted on at first for his defense while his offense prowless will develop. In the minors he averaged .347 with 20 hrs.

RF- Zoltan Terry- (25 yrs. old) Zoltan will again look to lead the offense in Indy. The Hoosiers look to have Zoltan increase his power numbers while maintaining his .290 average.

C- Chili Mori- (27 yrs. old) Chili have one of the hardest jobs on the team this year in commanding one of the youngest pitching staff's in the league. Last year was a breakout year offensively for Chili and the Hoosiers hope he will maintain his totals.

Bench- The Hoosiers should have one of the deepest benches in the league. The is pop up and down the bench and Santos should have no problem spelling Mori behind the plate. All five of these players could start on most teams in the majors and it wouldn't be surprising to see one or more of these players moved for pitching.

Miguel Santos

Ed Trammell

Harry Vaughn

J.C. Salmon

Damaso Mendez


The biggest problem with the starting pitching is finding out which 5 out of the 6 to pick. With 3 holdovers and 3 new additions, the Hoosiers should have one of the best top to bottom pitching staffs in the league. The bullpen is led by All-Star Closer Ross James.


Sp1- Ralph Mann- (33 yrs. old) Ralph hopes to lead the staff as one of the consistent backbones of the staff. Ralph hopes to post a sub 4 era and double didget winning season again.

Sp2- Doug Hogan- (25 yrs. old) This season Doug hopes to become one of the top pitchers on the staff. He is primed and ready to go set career bests in wins and era.

Sp3- Vic Martinez- (27 yrs. old) Vic hopes to improve on his 12 win season and 4.36 era. This year will be his second full season in the majors and he hopes to avoid the sophomore slump.

Sp4- Zach Anderson- (24 yrs. old) Zach hopes to have a breakout rookie season for the Hoosiers. In addition to his fight for ROY honors, Zach will be counted on to prove that he will be one of the future leaders of the ballclub.

Sp5- Johnny Shaw- (24 yrs. old) Johnny Shaw hopes to continue the success that he had in the minors. With a sub 4 era in the minors, Johnny is primed for success. In addition to Anderson, Johnny will be counted on to lead the ballclub towards the future.

Sp6- Aaron Duff (19 yrs. old) Aaron will one day be counted on to be the ace of the staff. At age 19, Aaron will need to step up and take control of the staff. Hopefully in a year or two, Aaron should compete for the NL CY Young.


The Bullpen remains pretty much intact from last year. There are solid long relievers and a shutdown setup team of Park and Martin

Long Reliever's

Pedro Montero

Cesar Bennett

Carlos Cruz


Virgil Park

Damian Martin


Ross James

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